city of god


Often the moment someone in these areas confess Christ,

 he or she is cut-off from family and friends.  Converts find it overwhelming to remain Christians. Over night, the basic necessities of life become hardships. One convert told me he would pray the sun would not go down before he found a place to lay his head for the night. Because this is a daily burden, many converts return to their family and to their old ways.  A study revealed that out of a hundred converts, seventy renounced Christ within a year because of the hardships they face. These statistics were very disheartening, so my wife and I prayed how we might help solve this problem.

"The city of God"....

was the answer to our prayer. With the help of God, we managed to begin this work that is coordinated with local churches. Thousands come to Jesus every day in Ethiopia, however, very little is done making disciples. The City of God assists new converts through Christian love and support with basic needs such as food, shelter, and love, until they are established in the faith. The City of God is in two cities by the funds made available to us through your support. The City of God provides the new believer with discipleship training, Christian material, and worship times for about six months.